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Album Review: Snake Bite Whisky - This Side of Hell

Sleaze Rock... The genre that represents excess and debauchery. For me, it can either be really good or really bad. Yet, I do try to listen to anything I can, in the world of rock, and this band crossed my radar pretty recently. Australian sleaze rockers, Snake Bite Whisky are quickly making a name for themselves, mixing punk with hair-metal to crease their own signature style and It's pretty damn fun to listen to. Their new record This Side of Hell is an exciting and energised record, sounding like that good old-fashioned hair rock from the late-80's and early-90's. Recorded at Sonic Clarity Studios in Australia with mixing and mastering completed in the US by Peter Rutcho, who has worked with artists such as Falling In Reverse, Parkway Drive, Deez Nuts, etc. So at the very least, you're getting an album with high-quality production value.

From the very first moments of the album, I was excited to keep listening. Really from the personality alone, it's a pretty int…

Album Review: Evergrey - The Atlantic

For a while now I've had a great affinity for the band Evergrey. I first listened to them with their 2016 release, The Storm Within. Which completely blew me away, after that I started to listen to everything in their discography.  I was so impressed with their complex songwriting and rich sound that I really wanted to see them live to see if they were that good in a live setting. I got that chance when I went on holiday to Canada, as they were touring around the same time I went to the Toronto show and... Yeah, they were pretty amazing. I really just wanted to put that in context as for this first review in 2019, I'm taking a listen to their new album, The Atlantic. Which I have to admit, I've been waiting for since they announced that they were working on new material. So it was a treat to have the chance to listen to it prior to its release.

The Swedish five-piece outfit waste little time on this record. Every moment matters and there isn't a single song that I would…

Favourite 20 Albums of 2018

Well, dear readers, it's that time of year again. I'd like to thank you for sticking with me this year as I've made vast changes to how I run the blog, my continuing health issues and my commitments to other blogs. It's definitely been a strange year. Yet, if there's one thing that this year delivered on in bucket fulls, it was good frickin' music. This year has been full of terrific album releases. I've constantly been excited from month to month, just waiting for the new albums. It's been a year where some of my favourite artists have returned with some impressive albums but also I have also discovered some incredible artists and they have released some amazing music too. The music of 2018 has been incredible and has kept me going even when my spirits were at their lowest. So, as you can imagine it was mighty difficult to narrow my favourite albums list down to 20. In all honesty, I couldn't narrow it any further. I could have done a top 100 of th…

Gig Report: CKY @ Manchester Academy 2

This was one hell of a night. On a cold December night in Manchester, I got myself down to the Academy 2, to watch a night of hard rocking, heart pounding and exciting night of music. I wouldn't say that I'm massively nostalgic for CKY but I remember them well enough. The last time I saw them live, they were opening mainstage at Download Festival in 2011. They're one of those bands that were always around but I have never really paid them that much attention. So, I thought I would get myself out to this show and really take in what this band can do. To make the night even better, opening the show was American hard rockers Bullets And Octane and Canadian heavy metal punks, Sumo Cyco. The crowd started to filter in and they were raring to go.

Holy nostalgia Batman! Bullets And Octane are one of those band that I grew up listening to. In The Mouth of The Young was one of my favourite albums for a long time. I have never had the chance to check them out live, so this was a real…

EP Review: Edgard - Live @ Bedrock

Running this blog, I come across a wide variety of diverse and interesting artists. Today on the chopping block is LA-based blues act, Edgard. Their technical skill is excellent and the music in quite interesting to listen to. The musicality on display has so much emotion to it and a lot of weight, which I found to be compelling enough to keep listening. The new EP Live @ Bedrock is a fantastically captured performance in which you really get a sense of what he is like in a live setting with his full band. You get a real sense of their presence and musicianship and it honestly makes me want to see them live on stage. 

The album is well produced with the sound coming through clear. The wonderfully silky and smooth tone and fantastic production make this EP a fun and engaging listening experience. The band's approach is unique as they mix up their blues and jazz stylings to create a really nice tone. There's definitely a passion and an energy to this EP, and it's really in th…

Feature: Why I Listen to Nina Nesbitt

For a while now I've wanted to write a new blog feature, beyond just reviews and interviews. Something where I can just wax lyrical about my favourite music. This is the first in what hopes to be an ongoing series. So, after taking a deep dive into her music and examining her recent output I just wanted to take some time to talk about why I listen to singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt. The Scottish songstress has been on my playlist for a while. Whenever I need something soulful and filled with emotion, I know I can rely on her music to raise my spirits. There is a truth and an honesty to her songs and she manages to find a way to cut through the nitty-gritty and give her listeners poetically beautifully lyrics and music that oozes with atmosphere.

I will say, I can hear why she was able to gain a foothold with those early EP's. Even then, her music has that troubadour styling to it and there is always going to be a fan base for that style of music. However, considering that a lot …

Interview with Woodfish & Ernst Bernard of HelloYoung Films

Following the release of their new single Damn Thang. I took the opportunity to speak with the band Woodfish and really learn what makes them tick as a unit. In this interview, we talk about the new song, what's coming in the pipeline for the band, their thoughts on crowd-funding and their local music scene in New Jersey.

I also managed to catch a few words with the director of the Damn Thang music video, Ernst Bernard at HelloYoung Films. Where he talks about turning the song into a visual story for all to enjoy.

You've recently released your newest single "Damn Thang". Could you tell me a bit about the songs and how it all came together?

Steve: You see with Woodfish we've had a lot of line up problems over the years. Problems with singers, guitarists etc. You know, pretty typical of any rock n roll band. So, I had this idea for a song that was solely for the bass guitar. At first, I was not the singer for Woodfish, I was always the bassist and I just tried to fulf…