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Interview with Woodfish & Ernst Bernard of HelloYoung Films

Following the release of their new single Damn Thang. I took the opportunity to speak with the band Woodfish and really learn what makes them tick as a unit. In this interview, we talk about the new song, what's coming in the pipeline for the band, their thoughts on crowd-funding and their local music scene in New Jersey.

I also managed to catch a few words with the director of the Damn Thang music video, Ernst Bernard at HelloYoung Films. Where he talks about turning the song into a visual story for all to enjoy.

You've recently released your newest single "Damn Thang". Could you tell me a bit about the songs and how it all came together?

Steve: You see with Woodfish we've had a lot of line up problems over the years. Problems with singers, guitarists etc. You know, pretty typical of any rock n roll band. So, I had this idea for a song that was solely for the bass guitar. At first, I was not the singer for Woodfish, I was always the bassist and I just tried to fulf…

EP Review: Kikamora - Masquerade

Wow, this review got away from me a little. This year I had the chance to get myself to SOS Festival and see some good freaking music. This is where I found out about, Kikamora. They had a blinding performance that weekend and I was very curious to hear more from them. Luckily, they had a new EP in the pipeline and set for release in November. Like an idiot, I've put off this review, thinking I had more time to put it out, but man, the release date has soon snuck up on me. Although I have been listening to the EP for the last couple of months, for some reason, I just didn't write anything about it. So let's rectify that, shall I? Kikamora, for those of you who haven't made yourselves aware, is a hard rock band from the south of the UK and I would describe them as somewhere in between categories of hard rock and glam rock. They have the flair and style of an old-school glam rock act. Yet, they are far more grounded than your traditional glam rock act. There's much m…