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Interview: 10 Questions With Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? are: Tarah G. Carpenter: (TGC) Vocals, Guitar Joey Southern: (JS) Bass, Backing Vocals Coralie Hervé: (CH) Drums, Backing Vocals

Where do you think your passion for music came from?

CH: I don't really know but my mom started playing the guitar in the music school of my town and I just followed picking the drums. I never stop since hahaha

JS: Listening to Rock n Roll around my parents growing up most definitely lit a fire. The passion came from my experience with new bands and how I related to their music. Their passion for music was contagious.

TGC: I have no idea! I remember wanting to play the drums so bad but my dad didn't want me to because it was not lady-like. I took 2 drum classes anyway that I paid for out of my 14-year-old pocket. I think I took 2 more classes until they kicked me out because I did not have money. Then I taught myself. I started to play bass in bands at the same time. Guitar came later. I was an exchange student in KY and I could not play the dru…

Album Review: Jaret and Kelly - Sittin' In A Tree

I think most people have been expecting this album for a while. Bowling For Soup and The Dollyrots are two if the most iconic pop-punk acts of the 2000s and it's common knowledge that these guys enjoy working together. I mean following the success of The Dollyrots vs. Bowling for Soup in 2011 and the fan favourite tune ‘Love Ya Love Ya Love Ya’ from the mega fun One Big Happy! compilation album back in 2012. The writing was on the wall for some form of a collaboration project. Well, we eventually got what we were looking for. Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup - Vocalist/Guitarist) and Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots - Vocalist/Bassist) have joined forces for the first collaboration record, Sittin' In A Tree and it's a damn fun record as well. The pair have a great amount of chemistry and work off of each other really well. The songs here are bright and filled with energy. It's an album that makes me smile every time I have put it on. 

Straight away from the very first song &qu…

Gig Report: Godsmack @ O2 Ritz Manchester

I can not tell you how long I've waited to see these guys live. I mean this was one of the first bands I ever got into. I remember first listening to Godsmack when I was 13 years old, I was introduced to them via a friend in the school-yard. The album was Awake and I remember borrowing the CD and listening to it over and over again. It was one of the albums that forever shaped my music taste. Along with names like Tantric, Saliva, Three Days GraceBlack Stone Cherry and Alter Bridge, this was the basis of my music taste going forward. So when I say, I've wanted to see Godsmack live for a while, I mean... I've been waiting for ages. They were definitely one of my bucket-list bands, which I can now cross firmly off the list. In all honesty, this was one of the best shows that I have ever been to. I mean everything that could go right at a show went perfect on this night. A great support act, a great main act, an awesome audience, the sound was great and the music was so dam…

Interview: 10 Questions With Vaya

So, I wanted to get more interviews on the blog and the best way was to simplify the interview format. So now I present "10 Questions". The same 10 questions for every band and artist. I have found it really interesting talking to musicians over the years and hearing the different responses to similar questions. So, this will be the start of something new on the blog. 

So, on this new blog allow me to introduce you to Vaya. An alternative rock band based in Canada. With their unique grooves and commanding personality. This band is taking on the world. The band is a force of nature on stage and their music is impactful. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should really get on that! In this interview, I chat with Vaya, Phil and Raphael about their music, influences and touring.

Where do you think your passion for music came from?

VAYA: The moment I discovered it I didn't stop since my three years old. So It is running into my blood for a while ☺

PHIL: When I was a chi…

Gig Report: Deified & Impavidus @ Tank, St Helens

Yup, another Friday night at Tank bar for me! As another great night of live music was going to go down. I have seen Deified countless times and they never fail to impress with their performances. Flying the flag for metal in my hometown, they always bring in a good crowd when they play in St Helens. Also main eventing the night was the ever-entertaining, Imavidus. I have only seen them perform once before and the last time they were very fun. So having both bands in one night was a real treat for the St Helens metal community. Also, to make things extra fun this was being held in the beer garden of Tank. I don't know about you, but I have never seen a venue hold an outdoor gig in the middle of February, luckily the skies stayed clear for the night. 

Taking the stage first was the hometown boys in, Deified and they received a big ovation from the appreciative crowd. They immediately burst into their signature heavy rip-roaring style. The band starts headbanging away and some people…

Gig Report: Punk Night @ Tank, St Helens

There are few things in life that can destress me more effectively than going to a gig, getting some drinks in and blowing off some steam. Also, there's no better genre for that than punk rock. Fast, visceral and wild, bands in this genre always deliver at these smaller venues. When the music is cranked up to eleven and the crowd is into it there is no better place to be than a punk gig. So, it was really cool that that exact gig was happening in my hometown. I've talked about Tank before and yeah it's a great place for shows, it's an intimate venue and always puts on great nights with independent bands and artists. So, whenever I go, I know I can usually expect to walk away with some new names and music to immediately look up, stream and buy. The stage was set and with people filing in, the night was set to begin.

Opening the proceedings was the weird and wonderful Faniel Dord. The surrealist singer-songwriter took his position on stage and continued to put on one of t…

Album Review: Within Temptation - Resist

Since I was fourteen years old I have adored the band, Within Temptation. The band has been with me for years and I have always thought highly of them. The fans of this band have been mixed on their recent output, yet I think we can all agree that we can all agree that The Unforgiving was certainly a turning point for the band. Everything from Mother Earth to The Heart of Everything, the band firmly fit into the symphonic metal sub-genre. The Unforgiving was a very different album for the band, with less focus being put on the 'symphonic' aspect of their metal music and pushing right on with a different form of, rock sound. They were critically praised and the fans were willing to take their hand on this different sound and the majority were pretty happy with the end result. Then the band released Hydra, this album was critically praised but the core audience was less than impressed. I think the overabundance of feature guests and the lacking symphonic sound really annoyed a l…