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Album Review: Escape The Fate - I Am Human

Original Site Posting: 27-Mar-2018

I have to admit, I was really late to the Escape The Fate party. When I say that I mean, this is the first full album I have actually listened to from them. I don’t know maybe they just past me by, or maybe I wasn’t into that scene of music and I didn’t roll with that crowd. They just never came across as a band I had to listen to. The singles I heard on Kerrang were fine but never enough for me to want to go out and actually buy an album from them. However, I have recently had the chance recently to listen to their new album, I Am Human and colour me impressed this album was really damn good. I mean I am slapping myself for not getting into their music sooner. So you can trust me when I say that this album is a really good jumping on point if you have never heard them before.

The album is bursting with energy and simplistic but effective melodies. The lyrics are really good as well. Also the album has some incredible hooks. For some of the songs like Beautifully Tragic and Four Letter Word, the hooks are so good once they became stuck in my head, it’s been difficult to get them out. Also the songwriting feels very earnest and grounded on this album. They feel like they’re singing about real problems. Although I like it, I do find that to be a flaw to a certain degree. A lot of the lyrics sound like whining and moaning, which I think can be off putting to people at times. However, the songs are still well constructed and the music makes up for it. I think Escape the Fate find a really nice balance between hard rock production and pop style melodies. It reminds me of that glam rock of the 80’s which is also why it lends itself to that very anthemic style. From a songwriting perspective, the album is pretty solid.

From a production standpoint I think the album is nicely put together and well performed. Craig Mabbitt has a very powerful and tuneful voice that suits the music really well. The guitars screech and generally provide are well toned rock throughout. On the slower songs there is a great atmosphere, especially songs like Bleed For Me and (the title track) I Am Human, where the music swells around the chorus making them feel massive. The riffs are nicely done and the solos are well played. There are lots of of small subtleties to the performances that make this album great to listen to with a good pair of speakers or headphones. I Am Human is a very well put together album. You can feel the energy just oozing from the band.

Yeah, I have to say I’m rather impressed with Escape The Fate here. I mean it’s not an album that will set the world on fire but it’s well written and the music is pleasant to the ears. It might not be for everyone but it’s definitely struck a chord with me. If you’re into your glam rock or pop punk and if you’re the kind of person to attend Warped Tour or the Kerrang Tour, then I think you’ll probably get a kick out of this. I am thoroughly enjoying it.


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