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Album Review: The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough

Sometimes a great band just sneaks up on you and slaps you in the face! The Night Flight Orchestra, have 100% fully captivated me. Formed in 2007 by Björn Strid and David Andersson while they were touring in the USA with their band Soilwork, they have managed to create something fresh yet at the same time fantastically nostalgic. Something that feels classic from its first moments. Admittedly, diving in four albums in, yeah, I'm a little late to the party on this one but better late than never. Their fourth album, Sometimes The World Ain't Enough, is a glorious pick n' mix of hard rock, progressive rock and in some way....  old school funk. I was just so taken back by a refreshing change of pace. Their sound is a so tight and well constructed it just put a big old smile on my face.

The album is a nice fresh take on old rock staples and feels bright and colourful. The verses are these weird, interwoven melodies, whereas the choruses are big, over the top 80's style hooks. They don't just get stuck in your brain, they force their way in there and take up residence. Björn Strid's commanding presence and vocal chops really sell the power of every track. The big sound is only complemented with well-done backing vocals, creating some amazing vocal harmonies. The sweeping keyboard parts add so much atmosphere and act as a great foundation for the rock to go wild on the top. In every way they just keep delivering, each track is just as big as the last. You can just envision driving down a motorway blasting this album and singing every song at the top of your lungs.

After listening to so much heavy rock that feels so dark and dreary, it's great to listen to something that has this big and bright sound. The guitars are sharp, the bass is full and keep pace with the drums. It's very clear that they're trying to evoke the old school style of hard rock, with its anthem-like sounds and even the production feels like those old records. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say here, I have a massive smile on my face throughout the whole record. I love the fact that they're not afraid to experiment here as well, as they do a bit of genre-hopping like I mentioned before, there's almost a funk element to some of the songs. Like on "Pretty Thing Closing In" or "Paralyzed", where they have these super tight rhythms and smooth guitar licks that harken back to 70's funk rock.

At the end of the day, I think I found a new favourite band. The Night Flight Orchestra just sounds like the best elements of rock music thrown in a blender. They mix 70's, 80's and modern rock music and come out with something that will appeal to anyone who wants to let loose and have fun. I may have started four albums in, but I'm here for the future now. This album kicks some serious ass.


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