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Gig Report: Bat Sabbath @ Manchester Rebellion

Original Site Posting: 21-Jun-2017

Sorry for that late posting on this one… And the the terrible photography, however, this was one wild night. Really. This was so much fun. When I saw this gig was going on, I knew I had to be there. Cancer Bats are one of those band that just bring so much energy to the stage regardless of where they are. They have such a presence and sound that gets everyone involved in the night. The other bands on also brought their A-game. Once again I will say that I’m not crazy about 4 band nights. I feel that the energy is either delayed or dies off through the gig. Here it was the former. The gig didn’t really feel like it got going until like the third band in. Still, I had a good time and I think everyone else there did too.

Shock Horror

These guys were on insane on the stage. Their music was tight and they had this raw energy that got people going. The crowd was a little thin at this point but there were enough people to give a good atmosphere. They were lively and their songs matched to boot. With high-gain riffs and hard hitting rhythms that get you pumped. The band flailed around the stage and just looked like they were giving it their all. The guitars grinded and the drums pounded and my head felt like it was about to explode. My only real problem with them was that I wanted more punch to their sound. Their sound was just a bit thin, still enjoyable though. If they had that bit of punch to their sound I think I would have liked it better. Still, they were an intense band with a lively performance that felt akin to what were in store for. To be honest that was enough. I would be happy to see them again.

This was more my style. The riffs came nice and thick, their stage presence was excellent and they just had that sound that I’m really into. They had a fantastic groove to their music and they kept it up with every track. They were really consistent in their music all throughout the set. The frontman was really charismatic and won the crowd over with some especially daft punchline jokes. Combined with their music blasting and this was a really entertaining set. Not too much else to say, just thought they were really good. I have since picked up their EP and I think it’s really good. If you see them around definitely check them out.

God Damn

I’m sure I’m not the first to make this joke but God Damn where god damn awesome. I mean like holy shit this was one hell of a set. I’ve not seen them in quite a long time and they have only improved with time. From the roaring guitar, to the pounding of the drums and blast of the bass synth. It was enough to blow the audience back a bit and whipped them up into a frenzy it was a awesome sight. God Damn are one of those band that just make the best out of any crowd they’re put in front of. With a packed out venue you can imagine what the damage was. The sheer intensity of their set was something to behold. I really loved it, the passion and musicianship on display was great. Although as soon as it started, it ended and I was really disappointed because I really didn’t want their set to end.

Bat Sabbath

Well wasn’t this awesome. I’ve seen cancer Bats a number of times over the years, so I knew full well what I was in store for. By this time Rebellion had completely filled up and were ready for some harcore punk interpretations of Black Sabbath. You know what? It was really good. Cancer Bats just took every Sabbath hit tune and molded it into their own creations. Those bold riffs were turned into these monstrously over driven guitar tone and the crowd went nuts for them. They went through all of the hits, from Fairies Wear Boots to Paranoid and beyond they delivered a high calibre set the got old school fans rocking and new school fans moshing. It was a great combination of punk and metal. If anything this is a testament to how good the songs were written in the first place. The mastery of Black Sabbath shone through in this set. You can tell that Cancer Bats were having a blast every single moment they were on stage and the crowd more than reciprocated that energy for them. It was a loving tribute one of the old school greats performed by one of our generation's finest performers.


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