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Gig Report: Paradise Lost @ Manchester Gorilla

Original Site Posting: 28-Feb-2018

Photo by Kirsten Hel
A cold Friday night in Manchester put me in the mood to go check out a good old fashioned doom metal gig. There were three fantastic bands playing the Gorilla in Manchester. Paradise Lost are one of those bands for me. I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan but boy do I enjoy myself every single time I have the opportunity to see them live. They always manage to excite and deliver on a great show. Opening up the show were prog-doom band, King Goat and Swedish Goth-metal band Outshine. A stellar line up to say the least. The crowd were in and Gorilla was packed full of people making for an excellent atmosphere waiting for the show to begin. The doors opened and closed early only running to 10pm which I actually liked, none of the bands felt rushed and all of the sets felt like they were given enough time to shine.

Opening up the show were Brighton based prog-doom metal rockers, King Goat. Their set was filled with a lot of atmosphere and style. The tone was massive and every second of their set felt huge. The bass tone shook the floor as the vocalist, Trim roared with passion, draped in his druid robe, very theatrical indeed. I have to say I liked their sound on the whole. Their songs were well performed and the band came across very confident and they seemed to be enjoying their time on the stage. Their sound filled the room with songs like Doldrum Sentinels and Debt of Aeons getting a great reaction. They played sweeping tunes that had good riffs and well composed melodies. They had a very commanding presence on the stage and of the crowd. By this point the place was already well on the way to being packed so the had a great crowd to play to and from what was hearing people were really in to them. From their presentation to their music King Goat thoroughly impressed me. A really good band indeed and one I would love to see again in the future.

I have to admit this was a case of me severely misjudging the book by the cover. Knowing near to nothing about Outshine coming into the gig I assumed a lot about them from their first moment on stage. I thought they would be so much more heavy than what they were. As their set progressed, I found myself having more and more fun to their songs. Their melodic gothic sounds were really fun. Celebrating the release of their new album 1313 they played a bunch of new songs, including Liar and We Are Broken. The vocals of Tony Jelencovic soared across the venue perfectly matching with the creative music. They had great chemistry with each other making for some really tight and well executed music. The guitars roared and mixed with the electronic synths the sound nicely filled the room. I really enjoyed their set, their melodies were wonderful and Outshine themselves were incredibly genuine, building a good rapport with the Manchester crowd.

Opening on the tune From the Gallows, taken from the new album Medusa, Paradise Lost were met with a very gracious ovation from the Manchester crowd as the band roared into life. The sound carried across the venue really will and all members of the band felt quite equal, in terms of their sound. The setlist was a nice mix of old music and newer material, so it didn’t matter what period of the band you like better there was something in this setlist for you. Songs like Tragic Idol, Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us and True Belief getting some of the bigger reactions of the night. Yet, in all honesty, the whole set was really well received as the fans craved more with every passing moment of the show. Vocalist, Nick Holmes is such a dynamic frontman, going from his more aggressive voice to his solemn singing voice almost seamlessly. The band gave the crowd a lot of opportunities to sing the choruses and phrases to their songs, as they have a very anthemic feel to them. Even though it was relatively short set, Paradise Lost made the absolute most of every second spent on stage and flowed through the setlist with ease. Paradise lost just keep on continuing to impress me every time I see them. Their music has such a good feel when it’s performed live. The band always look so at home on the stage and the crowds they bring in always deliver a good atmosphere. An superb night overall.


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