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Album Review: Ninja Sex Party - Cool Patrol

So... how do you make a fair review of Ninja Sex Party. A band that, in all honesty, doesn't take themselves all that seriously in the first place? Well, I might as well try. Cool Patrol is their fourth album of original music and sixth album overall (they've made two cover albums as well). As I have been on holiday recently I have had a good chance to listen to this album and everything it has to offer. Also, I want to look at how it differs from their previous work, as this is the first album of their own songs since 2015 with Attitude City. I have been enjoying their music and style of comedy for a while now, ever since I was introduced to it by my friend. I've grown to like them more and more with every release.

In all honesty, this album feels like the most complete of their records, from a production standpoint. It's the best sounding, the clearest in tone and has the newest musical ideas for the band. Most of the songs are big sounding glam rock anthems with comedic, and other genre, elements injected into it. Sometimes the comedy is quite subtle and sometimes it's forced quite hard. At times, it really does feel like they're trying too hard to tell a joke. It ranges from mildly humorous, to really funny, to "okay I got the joke, can we move on". Although, I don't really see this as a big issue if you've been a fan of NSP up until now, that the hit or miss approach to comedy should be familiar to you. Like I've said the music is what really sells this album to me. The smooth rhythm and bass work make for a brilliant foundation of their overall sound. Layered on top is the excellent keyboard and guitar work. It all feels so polished and fresh to the ear with a clear and distinct tone.

Each song on the record has a fun feel to it and this is matched in their songwriting. There are some tunes on the album that stand really well on their own, like the titular song "Cool Patrol", the fun pop-rock song "First Date" or the album closer "Mansion Party". These are great examples of Ninja Sex Party at their best. Weaving jokes seamlessly into the music and generally having fun. The standout track on the album to the emotional "Danny Don't You Know". This song is really different from anything NSP has displayed before. It's more of a serious song and whilst the odd humorous line gets in here and there, it's a far more mature track than I would expect from them.

Ninja Sex Party have delivered a great album here and it's understandable why it took a while for it to come out.  I really like Cool Patrol as an album, Danny and Brian should be commended for their dedication to this band and their amazing work ethic and output. I would recommend checking it out at your soonest convenience.


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