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EP Review: Not Ur Girlfrenz - New Kids In America

Every now and then, I love diving back into the world of pop-punk. I mean it was such a big part of my music taste development in my late teens. Bands like The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses, The Dollyrots & Zebrahead were a big part of my gigging life. Every weekend I used to, and still do, blast music like that. The bright melodies blended with the hard rock tone usually brings a smile to my face. So I'm always on the lookout for new talent in the genre. Bringing me to Not Ur Girlfrenz. Even at their young age, they exhibit all the star qualities needed to succeed and I can only imagine they're going to get better in time. Which is hard to believe as they're already so good. They have the personality, the talent and the tunes to back it up. Their new EP, New Kids In America is damn impressive. It has a decent range of songs, showing their musical and songwriting abilities. 

The EP hits you in the face with solid track after solid track. I couldn't name a bad sounding song. They really have that excellent mix of those well-produced melodies and a blistering rock tone to give it that raw edge. There's a great balance here, with every member really nailing their part and you can feel all three members contributions. Right from the first song "Warped" they just bust out the punk tunes and don't stop right through until the end. You can feel the passion and charisma coming out in their music. The vocal harmonies are great and full force sound of the band makes the songs so enjoyable. The title track "New Kids In America" is a bright and positive tune that works in their favour and sounds like a song that only they could make.

I have to say I am very impressed with this young three-piece pop-punk act. They bring that old-school flavour with a bright new attitude. I absolutely love this sound and it makes me feel like I'm listening to one of the heavy-hitters in the genre. It's so good that we're getting new blood and fresh faces into the pop-punk world and ones that know how to rock. They have a great amount of charm the songs are uplifting and fun. They're an absolutely wonderful band and I'm sure they will grow and develop as artists and songwriters over the coming years. If they can keep their songs on this level of consistency and keep their lyrics fresh and on point, I'm sure they will become a frequent part of my playlist. 


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