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Gig Report: Bigfoot @ Manchester Rebellion

Another weekend and another night of rock music. To people who say that rock is dying, I'll say that you aren't looking for it. Bigfoot has been building up a decent fan base and if this Manchester show was anything to go by. A packed out Rebellion Bar was ready for some no-nonsense rock 'n' roll and rearing to go. I usually like Rebellion, it's a good place with a great sound system and bands usually sound their best on the stage, from my experience anyway. I've not had a chance to see Bigfoot live in a while. The last time I saw them was at Bloodstock in 2015 and ever since they kind of fallen off of my radar. However, I usually hear how good they are on stage and I finally had the chance to check them out. So, why the hell not? Also, there were two supports, so lots of opportunities to rock out.

Opening things up were rockers, Takeaway Thieves and I wasn't into them at all. Their guitar tone was all over the place and ruined a lot of the good melodies they had. Also, it kept alternating what was loudest. At no point was there any real cohesion in the tone. I wasn't a fan of the vocals either, just really off-putting and didn't feel right. I mean it was in time and in tune. Yet, it wasn't enjoyable for me.  I'm sure they have their fans but this performance did nothing for me. I missed the end of their set as I went to interview Bigfoot. However, there isn't too much more to say. This band is just not for me and if you enjoy them fair enough, but there was nothing here for me.

Next on stage was the ever popular, Gorilla Riot. As always, they were pretty enjoyable. In fact, there wasn't too much different from their set at HRH C.R.O.W.S. from a technical standpoint. Yet, they felt a lot looser on the smaller stage. There was more enjoyment in their faces and they seemed far more relaxed performing at Rebellion than at the Sheffield Academy. The crowd was really into them as well as everyone rocked the night away. I liked the overall groove to the set and the band just rode that groove all the way through to the end. The solos were super tight and the riffs came through as clear as a bell. The hometown crowd embraced their music as I saw quite a few people singing along and that created a warm and pleasant atmosphere. They are always fun to watch live and I'm always happy to see them play.

After hearing so many good things about their live sets, it was finally time for Bigfoot. Firstly though, if anyone ever tells you that rock fans don't like pop music, try telling that to an entire room singing along to "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys as they made their way to the stage. Anyway, this set was absolutely electric. with the crowd having fun and the band were having just as good of a time. The riffs were tight, the solos were sharp and the band's natural charisma sold the show entirely. Frontman, Sean Seabrook was really into the show, headbanging away and his vocals matched up perfectly to the bands sound. I don't think there was a point in the show where the band wasn't either smiling or headbanging away. The crowd were singing along to every song and loudly. It was just such an enjoyable environment to be in. Songs like, "Tell Me A Lie" and "The Fear" got people singing and moving. The mix of heavy rock tunes and sweeping rock ballads kept the set mixed and well paced. Also, there were solos all around, guitar, bass and drums all got their moments to shine. Everything they did was pretty entertaining and it was hard to pull myself away from the show.

Sadly, I had to leave early due to public transport issues. Yet, this was an excellent set well worth getting to. It's clear that these guys live for this and the smiles on their faces give it away. Which I always like to see. I like watching bands that enjoy doing what they do and having fun. An excellent set all around and an excellent crowd to boot. I hope I don't wait another three years to watch them again.


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