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Album Review: Fuzzhoneys - Love Juice

Sometimes running this blog is amazing. I get contacted by bands and artists, from near and far and I get to experience so much good music. I get to see the world from other people's perspective and hear the unique and fun sounds that they create. This leads me to this band, Fuzzhoneys, whose music I have been massively enjoying recently. The Malta based rock duo have been making waves with the blues infused garage rock. They're even starting to break in to the UK underground rock scene, which is quite impressive.  The pair really work off of each other quite well. Caroline Spiteri on drums keeping that fun, frenetic pace while, Francesca Mercieca brings the hazy and rocked up guitar to the picture. After releasing a few tunes and EP's they're now hitting hard with their debut album Love Juice. It's definitely something worth getting stuck in to.

The album packs a punch with the good blend of fuzzy blues riffs, hard rock rhythm, dynamic vocal lines and interesting lyrics. Fuzzhoneys have such a bright range of tunes and they make every second count on this record. The riffs on songs like "Period", "Femmetastic" and the lead single "Candy" are great and shows the band playing to their strengths. With strong rhythm work and infectious hooks. There's almost this late 90's/early 2000's sound to it. It feels quite nostalgic and fresh all at the same time. The rough guitar tone sounds good when played against the hammering drum work and wonderful vocals. On the whole, the production sounds pretty decent. I love the off-kilter vocals of Francesca. Her vocal style is so interesting it almost compels you to keep listening. The vocal harmonies she shares with Caroline are excellent and it creates depth to their sound.

Now this is not an album that absolutely everyone will enjoy. Well, no album is. Yet, this record does feel a little more out there. Whilst, the spacey riffs and fuzzy tones are well incorporated into their sound, the overall sound has an almost psychedelic vibe to it and it could turn away some potential listeners. For me though, I love this sound. That bluesy rock sound is always good to my ears and that's because I listen to a massive amount of stoner & blues rock.

It's so good to find new music. Every new artist I listen to is a new opportunity to hear how someone else sees the world. Fuzzhoneys are a great example of putting a nice twist into a genre that needs it and you can hear that with Love Juice. Their fun tone and interesting song-writing captivated my attention and I would recommend them to people who are into their psychedelic, stoner or blues rock. They even have that indie-rock quality to them that could potentially open them up to a wider audience. The album is a fun listening experience and the pair clearly have potential to make some amazing songs. As is, Love Juice is a solid launching pad for them and I would recommend giving it a spin.


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