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Concert Film Review: Adam Sandler 100% Fresh

You know what? I really wasn't expecting to like this. Yeah, I used to like Adam Sandler when I was younger, he consistently made good films. Yet in the early 2010's his style of humour just became less appealing to me. I don't know, he just seemed to be getting lazier. I have no evidence for that it was just a feeling. Yet, it's a slow Thursday and this new musical comedy show just appeared on Netflix. This show 100% Fresh is Sandler showing his passion comedy in a way that I have never seen and mixed that with his musical talent and you have a recipe for some good laughs. The special consists of a few of Sandler's performances edited together. From a small basement clubs to theatres, to massive arenas.  It was nice to see him so at home on stage, he looked so natural and calm. A man who has rediscovered his passion for performing comedy.

The show itself was broken up into two parts. The musical portions and the stand-up portions. Since I review music on this blog, let's talk about the music. On stage with Dan Bulla on keyboards and backing vocals, Sandler performed some decent tunes filled with absurdist and observational humour. From songs about every day messing up to songs about his children and the way, he sees the world. It's surprising how Sandler's vocals sound. He ranges from his silly high pitch voice to a really nice well-toned singing voice. Obviously, most of the songs are meant to hit as a joke and the comedy in the songs ranges from goofy to sharp whit. I have to admit I was laughing for a good portion of the special. Sandler is great on the guitar and Bulla backs him well on the keys. So the overall sound is actually really good. I also like how he bounces from genre to genre. Lampooning modern rock, folk, pop and rap music. 

I really liked the songs, "Heroes" and "Phone, Wallet, Keys". These are good examples of songs that have a really strong set-up and then hit with a strong punchline. Between the songs, the show was intercut with standup segments. Sandler is great here as well. The stand-up segments really just served as setups for the songs. These parts of the show are mainly where the observational anecdotal comedy comes in as Sandler recounts stories from his life and adds in the sharp comedic barbs and spoke in a sarcastic tone. Again I have not been a fan of Sandler's comedy stylings for a long time but damn, his delivery and style is excellent. I also like how in the clips of the smaller venues, it showed Sandler messing up and mistiming certain aspects of the show. Which, were then perfected in the clips from the bigger venues. This shows how the comedians practice their craft and test out which jokes work and which don't before taking the show on the road.

The special ended on two really heartfelt songs. One dedicated to his friend, Chris Farley. This was a wonderful tune that really shows how much Sandler loved Farley as a friend and an icon of comedy. The last song of the special was a nice song dedicated to his wife. A song about spending his life with his wife and basically, thanking her for all of their years of marriage. I loved this special. It's so good to be laughing with Sandler again. He seems right at home on the stage and playing his guitar, singing silly songs. There's a lot of fun to be had here. This Netflix special just allowed Sandler to be himself and share some fun with his fans. So if you've got an hour or so to kill and you're looking for some laughs, then I would highly recommend checking this out. It definitely is 100% Fresh.


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