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EP Review: Edgard - Live @ Bedrock

Running this blog, I come across a wide variety of diverse and interesting artists. Today on the chopping block is LA-based blues act, Edgard. Their technical skill is excellent and the music in quite interesting to listen to. The musicality on display has so much emotion to it and a lot of weight, which I found to be compelling enough to keep listening. The new EP Live @ Bedrock is a fantastically captured performance in which you really get a sense of what he is like in a live setting with his full band. You get a real sense of their presence and musicianship and it honestly makes me want to see them live on stage. 

The album is well produced with the sound coming through clear. The wonderfully silky and smooth tone and fantastic production make this EP a fun and engaging listening experience. The band's approach is unique as they mix up their blues and jazz stylings to create a really nice tone. There's definitely a passion and an energy to this EP, and it's really in the performance. The groove just flows throughout the EP and is non-stop until the end. The band, as a unit, are tight and you can hear the sheer passion that has gone into making this record. From the funky riffs to the blistering guitar solos, it all comes together so well. The way that all of the instruments weave so seamlessly into one another is quite intricate, making for intoxicating and dynamic music. Again, mixing in those jazz and prog-rock elements, whilst subtle, it's really nice to hear.

It's a decently fun EP. Although my only real gripe with it is that, well, I've heard this style of music done before and there really doesn't seem to be anything substantially new added to the overall sound. Which is a little frustrating, as I want to be able to recognise an artist from their style alone and not have to look up what the song is. So, whilst not a bad EP by any means, the music does cry for a bit more of an identity in the overcrowded blues market. Still, it is fun and I would recommend it to anyone with a keen ear for blues, jazz and/or prog-rock. This is definitely something worth paying attention to.


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