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Album Review: Evergrey - The Atlantic

For a while now I've had a great affinity for the band Evergrey. I first listened to them with their 2016 release, The Storm Within. Which completely blew me away, after that I started to listen to everything in their discography.  I was so impressed with their complex songwriting and rich sound that I really wanted to see them live to see if they were that good in a live setting. I got that chance when I went on holiday to Canada, as they were touring around the same time I went to the Toronto show and... Yeah, they were pretty amazing. I really just wanted to put that in context as for this first review in 2019, I'm taking a listen to their new album, The Atlantic. Which I have to admit, I've been waiting for since they announced that they were working on new material. So it was a treat to have the chance to listen to it prior to its release.

The Swedish five-piece outfit waste little time on this record. Every moment matters and there isn't a single song that I would call album filler. There are two settings this album has, heavy, in your face metal and sweeping, beautiful ballads. Both of which, they pull off with tonnes of grace. Their sheer presence is bold and direct, making the music feel larger than life. The crystal clear production is tight and precise, you hear every part of the great musicianship. From the breathing choruses to the gut-busting and heavy riffs to the well-executed solos. The album just feels complete. Each tune flows from one to the next and it all feels quite natural with nothing standing out as a red flag. Really, everything from the perspective of how this album sounds, this is a solid record.

There really feels like there is an atmosphere on the album. The keyboard really adds that extra layer to the music. In particular on songs like "End of Silence" and the lead single "A Silent Arc". All the while, Tom S. Englund's vocal performance is stunningly good. The vocals are just outstanding and Englund sings every line with so much passion and conviction. The songs themselves are interesting, keeping with the theme of oceans, exploration and the feelings and emotions surrounding that. There is a great use of poetic imagery and metaphor which really enhances the songs makes them even more replayable than they already are.  

I am super impressed with The Atlantic. The big sounding production and beautiful writing make for an entertaining and compelling listening experience. I love the way this album sounds, the massive sounding choruses and wonderful melodies are well integrated and when Evergrey decide to go heavy, it becomes a great album to rock out to. I have to say not a bad way to kick off 2019! Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing them live this year, supporting Kamelot. Definitely, a great record and one I'd recommend you pick up.


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