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Album Review: Tristan Mackay - Invisible Light

It's always interesting to find a new artist. So many thoughts can come to light when you first hear their sound. Tristan Mackey's new album Invisible Light is a smooth sounding and lyrically powerful record. I have really liked discovering his music over the last week or so. He is an interesting artist, his soft folk stylings coupled with some great songwriting skills really sell him as a performer to me. His music is so nice on the ear, with his gentle vocal delivery carrying wonderful melodies with the excellent instrumentation providing an excellent atmosphere. As a performer I really like him and his new album is a great addition to his line up and, speaking from experience, a solid jumping on point to learn more about him.

Invisible Light shows so much diversity and range in Tristan's songwriting skill. Ranging from beautifully composed folk songs to more dynamic blues songs. It all comes off so well and you can feel his genuine passion for songwriting. I love songs like "World Above The Waves"  where he shows off the acoustic guitar skill. Speaking as a big fan of the acoustic guitar, anytime someone can make me hear it in a new way, it really speaks to me. The way he weaves his melodies an harmonies together sound so good and I can also just sit back and appreciate the talent on display. There are a few, really pleasant, soft folk tunes that have kept me so entertained and chilled at the same time. Songs like "Down Slow", "Slipstreaming" and "Haunted" all have an excellent tone and great emotional weight. They're just tunes that you can chill out to and allow the music to just fill your head. 

On the other hand, there are more rock-style blues songs. These songs are equally as entertaining, yet I do prefer the folk song (just more my thing). The riffs are sharp and give a real kick to the album. Songs like "Diane", "Wordless Whisper" or the title track "Invisible Light" sound awesome, with the full band production being utilised very well. The band is clear, yet Tristan's vocals just rest on top of the songs and it all comes together so nicely. me. From a sheer listening perspective, the album is great. It's well paced and it keeps flowing right until the end. 

Throughout all of it, you can really really hear the emotion and passion in the lyrics. It's great the way that he can paint pictures with his words and I found so many of these situations and feelings very relatable. From songs about mental illness and emotional trauma to uplifting feelings and the strong bonds forged between people. It's a really moving album in that sense. It has definitely kept me hooked. 

Overall, this is a great album. I don't have any major complaints about it. The things I dislike are such small things, it would just be nitpicking. Invisible Light is a solid effort from the British singer-songwriter. I like basically everything about it. Tristan Mackay is an excellent songwriter who can really make you care about a particular topic. The sound is smooth and his lyricism flows very nicely. I would definitely recommend this album and all of his other music because he is a genuinely interesting presence in folk music today. From the strong sense of melody to the beautifully toned harmony this album is a delight from start to finish and well worth picking up (or you know since this is 2019, streaming it as well is an option). 


  1. I think you have hit the nail on the headings a brilliant album just as good as is last two.first met him when our grandson was a support for him in sheffield,a couple of years ago and Toby Burton as also gone on to better things you want to have a listen to is latest ep Fall into You and tell us what you think.


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