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Gig Report: Deified & Impavidus @ Tank, St Helens

Yup, another Friday night at Tank bar for me! As another great night of live music was going to go down. I have seen Deified countless times and they never fail to impress with their performances. Flying the flag for metal in my hometown, they always bring in a good crowd when they play in St Helens. Also main eventing the night was the ever-entertaining, Imavidus. I have only seen them perform once before and the last time they were very fun. So having both bands in one night was a real treat for the St Helens metal community. Also, to make things extra fun this was being held in the beer garden of Tank. I don't know about you, but I have never seen a venue hold an outdoor gig in the middle of February, luckily the skies stayed clear for the night. 

Taking the stage first was the hometown boys in, Deified and they received a big ovation from the appreciative crowd. They immediately burst into their signature heavy rip-roaring style. The band starts headbanging away and some people follow suit. The music is loud and heavy, just the way it should be. I love to watch these guys perform, they just get so into it and you can tell that they're having a blast performing. The band were super tight throughout their performance, with the bass, drum and rhythm-guitar work shining through in the set. Unfortunately, the lead guitar and vocals did suffer in the set as the thick heavy tone of the rhythm section to sound like it was louder in parts of the set. This got better throughout the set and the lead guitar became more noticeable. Their set was a good mix of old and new material and they kept it flowing really well with one song effortlessly moving into the next. All of it held together by frontman, Jamie Hughes whose charisma and presence really adds that spark of personality to their sets. The connection they have with their fans is excellent and they manage to get some good laughs in with the metal. Deified are always a great part of any gig they're a part of. Solid tunes, great stage presence and overall they just bring a solid effort to every show. 

With the night drawing in more, the breeze getting colder and the only thing that was warm in the air was cigarette smoke, Impavidus took to the stage. What a performance they put on as well. The heavy tone of the riffs was perfectly counterbalanced by the excellent melodies. The crowd went nuts for this performance with every having big smiles on their faces. I was having a ball too, just headbanging away to the awesome metal sounds. The band were tight, the rhythm was really well executed. It was intense and the well synced, bass and drum work allowed the guitar riffs to shine. Shining on top of the production was the vocal work by frontwoman, Michelle Adamson who just belted out the lyrics like there was no tomorrow. The band had a great sense of presence to them, they commanding the venue with authority, though at the same time they were still very charming were able to banter with the St Helens crowd. Any way you look at this set it was very entertaining, great tunes that were very well presented and at the end of the day that's all you can really ask of a band. 

Another top-quality night of music took of St Helens. Both Deified and Impavidus continue to impress me with the on-stage abilities. It's assuring to know that if I ever see their name on a line-up I know I'm going to get my money's worth in bucket fulls. This was a fun night and I hope to catch both bands again soon.

Deified Photos were taken by Tom Farrell Photography - (


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