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Album Review: Jaret and Kelly - Sittin' In A Tree

I think most people have been expecting this album for a while. Bowling For Soup and The Dollyrots are two if the most iconic pop-punk acts of the 2000s and it's common knowledge that these guys enjoy working together. I mean following the success of The Dollyrots vs. Bowling for Soup in 2011 and the fan favourite tune ‘Love Ya Love Ya Love Ya’ from the mega fun One Big Happy! compilation album back in 2012. The writing was on the wall for some form of a collaboration project. Well, we eventually got what we were looking for. Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup - Vocalist/Guitarist) and Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots - Vocalist/Bassist) have joined forces for the first collaboration record, Sittin' In A Tree and it's a damn fun record as well. The pair have a great amount of chemistry and work off of each other really well. The songs here are bright and filled with energy. It's an album that makes me smile every time I have put it on. 

Straight away from the very first song "Here We Go" the album hits you with tonnes of that fun energy. I really love the way the two bounce off of each other in the verses and I really love when the harmonies come in. The way their voices contrast each other is great as you get this awesome dynamic that gives the choruses that little extra punk. Jaret usually comes off as the calmer and more sarcastic, whilst Kelly is the more enthusiastic and genuine in her vocal delivery. I genuinely think that's the best thing here, their personalities really shine through. The songs are simple but filled with charm and pep, as is the pop-punk structure. The album just fits together so well, the bright guitar tone and the pumped up production will surely put a smile on anyone's face.

You have to appreciate the bright and enjoyable songwriting that Reddick and Ogden bring to the table here. It makes you want to smile and just enjoy yourself. The lyrics about friendship and helping each other through problems is pretty affirming of their friendship when coming together to write this album. I mean it's nothing ground-breaking but it is always nice to hear on a record. It's not just the lyrics, it's the delivery of them. It's just in your face and to the point, no bullshitting, just two people having a laugh creating music. Overall, I've been enjoying this album. I knew I would like it right from the first moment I heard of this album. Being a fan of both Bowling For Soup and The Dollyrots I knew that this was going to be a record that I would like. Though simplistic, it has a great charm to it. Jaret and Kelly have something here that will both entice and entertain the listener. If you like your early 2000's pop-punk you will get a kick out of this. 


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