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Album Review: Sister Shotgun - Fragments

So, after discovering them supporting Skarlett Riot, I was more than hyped for the new record from Sister Shotgun. They announced at the show that the new album was on the way and played a few songs from it, that was enough to get my appetite going until I got to listen to it. Well, imagine my surprise when I got a review copy land in my inbox. The album Fragments is a really fun record and a great culmination of their work so far. As a band, their music is a fun fusion of glam rock and heavy metal which makes for some really creates fun moments. Add in the fact that they mix in some elements of hardcore punk and pop-like melodies and you have a band that can reach a mainstream audience, whilst still having the heavy sounding bite to their music. 

One thing I will say is that this album has a really great amount of polish to it. Every element of the production is clear and mixed together quite well. The rhythm, melodies and harmonies are well done and the tone is excellent. Nothing feels all that overpowering, it just hits the right sweet spots at the right times. The guitar solos are well executed and the riffs keep the songs engaging. All while the tight bass and drum work keeps everything on track, even when the vocal and guitar performances go a little wild. Speaking of the vocals, they're quite well done too. Chloe Ozwell has a really nice and strong voice that fills the track. The overall presentation of the album is excellent. The production is solid with a great tone. Especially on the songs "Sacred Heart" and "Silhouettes"

Like I've said, they draw on a few modern elements of metal songwriting. So, the songs have those really hardcore-punk style moments here and there like on the album closer "Scorn". Even though they do have those moments, the album still feels quite restrained to make for a more focussed sounding product. Each song feels very streamlined all to get to those big choruses and hooks that will inevitably draw people to the band. For me, that's a bit of a negative. It's like they've played it a little safe. For example, take "She Lives" or "Kill The Lights" they could have made for some intense metalcore tunes with those songs and shook up the pace of the record, but opted for the melodic metal route. So, you're left with frenetic and wild rhythm sections that feel heavy but are only there to service the melodic sections. I mean it's not a major drawback but it feels a little deflating.

Despite a minor drawback in my eyes, I would still recommend the band as a whole. If you're looking for something with a bit of punch to it, this might be your bag. I will say that Fragments is quite enjoyable to listen to. Big hooks that stick in your head, some excellent riffs, well-performed lead guitar parts and some heavy moments for headbanging. I think that's what most people are looking for and that's what they have delivered. Again, I was super impressed by how they performed live on stage and I would recommend that you see them as soon as they hit a town near to you. Now, with this album in their arsenal, there are bound to be some excellent mosh-tastic nights ahead of them. 


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