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EP Review: RXPTRS - I

You know, sometimes there doesn't have to be a crazy way to introduce yourself to new music. Sometimes, you can just hear about a good band that has a loyal fanbase so you decide to check them out. That's how I first heard about the British metal act,  RXPTRS. My friend told me about them and I was curious to hear their stuff. I mean, it's not groundbreaking music but it's damn fun to listen to and they definitely sound a little different to every other start-up hard rock/heavy metal acts that I've been listening to. RXPTRS have been building up quite a bit of buzz as of late and the people who like them, really seem to be into their music and that doesn't just happen, there has to be something there. So, I got my hands on their new EP and I have to say that I'm impressed. It's a good mix of modern day American alternative rock and some of that new hard rock sound that has been floating around the night clubs in Britain as of late. The result, a damn decent EP.

I think the thing that caught my attention straight off of the bat was the vocals. Simon Roach has such a distinct voice that contrasts really well with the music. His range of tones and vocal styles is impressive. From his high register to the screamed vocals, it all works with the music set out. It's the most noticeable thing about their sound and gives their choruses that epic feeling that most bands of their ilk would get. So it's a great asset. Also, I like the way the music sounds. Like I've said, it's a mix of styles that we've been hearing for the last decade, so it's not entirely original. However, it still sounds good with sharp, punchy riffs and well-toned rhythm and bass, I definitely enjoy the way the songs flow. So, from a production standpoint, this is all very good.

How about the song-writing? I think it's good, the lyric envoke a bit of poetic license and there's a depth of emotion that's easy to gravitate towards. The composition is decent too. Every song flows really well, though I didn't feel there were any decent hooks to the songs. None of the choruses or riffs really got stuck in my head. I know catchiness shouldn't be a barometer for quality, but I can't feel be let down when the melody of a tune goes from my head as soon as I've listened to a song. The music isn't badly written, it just doesn't stick with me after the EP is finished. 

I have to say, it's not a bad effort. I feel like RXPTRS have put a solid effort into this and you can tell. The production is crisp and the songs sound great. Sure none of the songs are true earworms but that doesn't mean that it's not enjoyable when listening to them. I like the well-toned guitar lines, the great rhythm section, and the killer vocals. The songs feel grand and I bet they sound good on stage, which is the main thing to most rock fans. I'd give this a good thumbs up, there's plenty to enjoy with this one. 


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