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Album Review: The Dollyrots - Daydream Explosion

 think at this point I've made it no secret that I'm a bit of a fan of The Dollyrots. Genuinely, ever since I saw them live, I have kept listening to them. In the car, out for a walk, even coming home from gigs, there's a pretty good chance that I'll have their music on. Once again, the band have turned to their fans to fund and release their latest record, Daydream Explosion. I have to say I was super excited for this record, all of the promotion and singles that the band have released have been exciting and excellent. If there is one word that you can certainly associate with this band it's consistent, they are certainly consistent. They keep their releases tight and they keep releasing music like clockwork and best of all they take their fans along for the ride. The new album is more of the same from them, which is not a bad thing, the band know what they are and they add just enough new to make it not feel like a retread of previous work.

From a production standpoint, I think the bad have pretty much nailed it. The guitar is sharp and clear, the bass keeps the groove, the drums pack a punch and the vocals are brash and in your face. It just sounds so good and the constant energy is simply invigoration it reminds me of the pop-punk from the 90s, you know the golden age of the genre. The hooks just stick in your head, songs like "Everything" and "In Your Face" have these massive sounding choruses that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It all sounds so glorious and triumphant. The instrumentation just captivates in its simplicity. The basic chord structures and the clear and easy to understand melodies make this album to throw on and have a laugh with, while the fun and upbeat lyrics help you forget this miserable world for a little while. It's pure escapism and I truly love that.

Kelly and Luis share such strong chemistry in their music and work off of one another so well. The music is sharp, fun and to the point, and their vocal performances really mesh well with Luis giving some great harmonies on the record. To be honest, this album is just a really nice listening experience. My favourite songs are "Last ones on Earth"  with its excellent guitar licks, "Kat's Meow" for the creative and clever lyrics and "In Your Face" for the invigorating, sing-a-long worthy chorus. At this point, it doesn't surprise me that The Dollyrots made a good record, they make great music that their fans can escape into. I'm loving this album and it's been one of my favourites this year. 


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