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EP Review - The Outlaw Orchestra - God Knows We Tried

If you're familiar with this blog, then you should recognise the name The Outlaw Orchestra. I have spoken about them at length, I have reviewed their debut album and follow up EP, I have seen them live and reviewed their set. Hell, you'll probably have seen me, mouth off about them on Twitter. Honestly, I am so happy to have discovered their music. They're just one of those bands that I can just listen to and never really get bored. Their mix of hard rock and bluegrass is a fun concoction and whilst not original, I mean country-infused rock music existed before them, they certainly put their own spin on it. Ever since I did my feature article on them, I have been an avid listener and eagerly awaited new music, which is nowhere in the form of their new EP, God Knows We Tried

I have to say, I like this EP. It's a fun and enjoyable little listen. The five tracks are indeed a great listening experience. Filled with all of those well-performed sounds that we have come to know and love from the band. The twanging banjo, the crunchy-bit of the guitar and the thumping beat of the bass and drums. It feels like an old-school outlaw country rock record, with its rough sound, slick song-writing and they let their personality shine in the music. I will say though, I feel the production is slightly off on this EP. When comparing it to the previous EP, this one sounds like it has been mixed differently. In a way that makes the songs lose a little bit of a punch. Let me stress, that this did not affect my enjoyment of the music. The songs themselves are awesome, but the production wasn't quite as good here.

From a songwriting perspective, I love how these guys sound. The music is really infectious. They just manage to create these big, catchy hooks that just draws you in. "Burn The House" is probably my favourite song on the EP, just for that energetic bluesy chorus, that will be sure to get a crowd singing along. Also, I very much like the song "Phantasmagoria" which feels like an old outlaw country ensemble song that would keep crowds hooked, with its dynamic sound and twisting melodic structure, every moment of the song flows quite naturally and each member gets a decent time to shine in the final mix.

Overall, this is a really fun little EP. Certainly leaves you wanting more like any good EP does. The Outlaw Orchestra continues to be one of the most entertaining band I listen to and I can't wait to see them live again at HRH C.R.O.W.S. festival in September. The commanding sound and energetic melodies will be enough to turn anywhere into a hootenanny. If you like your rock 'n' roll a little bit countrified, then this is the band you need to listen to.


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