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Interview: 10 Questions with High Moonlight

Where do you think your passion for music came from?

Well, since I was a child, my mother always encouraged me to listen to music in general. In our house there were a lot of rock band albums like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and others ... so I believe this has greatly influenced my desire to become a professional musician.

Who are your biggest influences?

Some of my main influences are classical bands like Dio, Rainbow, Sabbath, Priest. But in addition, I also often listen to a lot of oriental and classical music.

To you, what is the most important thing about playing live?

The feeling of being able to play live is something that can not be compared to anything. The energy emanating from people during some performance compensates for all the effort that was made during the recording of the studio album.

What is the one song you had wished you had written?

I love everything I wrote and recorded with my band so much, so I am not thinking much about other compositions that are already forged or not recorded by other bands.

What are the biggest lessons learned over the years?

No matter how hard you try, there will always be bigger barriers and challenges to face throughout your life.

Are there any bands/artists that you recommend that don’t much attention?

Yes, there is a band called Dark Avenger (from Brazil). Very good, I recommend.

If there is one thing you would like to achieve in your career, what would it be?

Simply, to establish this project as one of the great heavy metal acts in the world. No more, no less.

What’s the one thing you hate about touring and the music industry in general?

I hate having to attend festivals or events alongside bands or artists who only play for money or make some kind of sound that is quite different from heavy metal in general.

I also hate having to record and publicize my job on digital media. In the past, it was harder to record something but it was more cool and important than today. This MP3 business has ended heavy metal bands and music in general.

What are your biggest interests away from music?

I love to draw and paint pictures. Also, I love to play fighting sports too.

What is the hardest thing you have had to overcome and how did you overcome it?
It might sound silly but ... the hardest thing I had to overcome was having to accept that I was born in a backward and corrupt country called Brazil. This country is a place of dead land where nothing works for those coming from a low-income social class. It's a dead land that only serves to be exploited by those who have more money ... And to tell the truth, I never got over it ... but I have to live with it every day of my life .. I consider it a mistake of destiny or an error of existence.


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