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Gig Report: Black Moth @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

In all honesty, it is heart-breaking to write this piece. It is sad to say that after garnering a massive fanbase, three incredible albums and having played countless shows, Black Moth has decided to call it a day. These guys have been one of my favourite bands to see live for a long time. They always seem to bring that energy that get's a crowd moving and moshing away. Their dark, twisted lyrics have brought so much joy to their entire fanbase and they are just simply some of the nicest people, I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. So, I decided to get myself to their farewell show in Leeds. It was the least I could do, I have been a firm supporter of them for such a long time. All the way back to when I started this reviewing malarky. Their music has always resonated with me and I really wanted to enjoy one last show from them. Also, the night had two great openers in the form of Sky Valley Mistress and VENUS.

The room was filling up nicely and the drinks were flowing by the time the groovy, fuzz-tastic force that was Sky Valley Mistress hit the stage. I have to admit, I have not seen these guys play live in quite some time but, oh damn, they sounded so fun on this night. They opened the show with sound (and dance moves) straight out of a low budget 60's stoner movie. It was really entertaining to watch them strut their stuff and own the stage. Their music is a fantastic mix of classic rock n roll and modern stoner rock which makes for them an interesting band to hear play live as they flow from a riff to their hooks, to the solos. These guys didn't slow down for a single minute and the crowd was getting into it. My favourite thing about this band has to be those basslines. Damn, if there was ever a way to get in my head, it was the groove of that bass. Coupled with the guitar it was just a wall of sound hitting the audience. A damn pleasing opening act and it was so good to catch them live again. Genuinely had a lot of fun and they got the audience nice and worked up. This was great.

Next on stage was a set of hometown girls that were there to turn the energy right up. Venus just absolutely killed it. Bringing their own fusion of punk and heavy rock. They fit pretty nicely into the category of psychedelic-punk rock and I like some good psychedelic-punk rock. Once they got going there was no slowing them down. Heavy chords, frantic energy and just an overall great vibe. These women had such a presence on stage and showed off their confidence with style. They made for a rather entertaining support act as they were directly like Black Moth but they definitely fit the mould and the crowd was loving every second of their set. Their sound was intriguing to me. The hard rock edge was clearly the dominating factor, however, I liked the twist of having an actual keyboard player on stage with the band. Many bands like this play electronic sounds over the PA while the band jams but it's a different experience when you have a keyboard player creating that atmosphere for the band to actively work off of. It really reminded me of Turbowolf or  Death From Above it was genuinely fun. I would highly recommend giving these gals a listen and check them out if they're playing near you.

So here it was. The final set from Black Moth that I was going to get to watch and it was an utter delight. The band played a tight consistent setlist fill with fan favourites from over their three albums. Every song got a genuine pop from the audience and the crowd just show the upmost respect all night long. It's hard to say what the best moments of the night were because the whole thing just blitzed by so quickly. With frontwoman, Harriet getting more emotional as the night went on. The band were in their ever-present good humour and looked like they were at home on the stage. The guitars were roaring away as the drums and bass framed each song so well. Locking together to create some excellent rhythm work. The show really got going with "The Undead King of Rock and Roll" and then shifted into high gear when they played "Looner". At which point, tens of balloons flooded the stage and into the crowd were, of course, they started to get batted around like crazy. As the set pushed on the hits like "Tumbleweave" "Banished but Blameless" and "Tree of Woe" rang in the ears of the audience, the night was hitting its groove and Black Moth showed why they are such an awesome live act. Their charisma, energy and passion are shown on the stage and you, as a fan, can feel what they put into their music, with songs like "Sisters of the Stone" and "The Articulate Dead" being evidence of that.

The main set finished and the band return for the encore. first playing "Pig Man" and finally ending on "Blackbirds Fall". Like that the show was over and the band holding up the Yorkshire White Rose Flag and the crowd alternating between chants for the band and for Yorkshire itself the night drew to a close. Honestly, that was one hell of a show. I will always love this band and their music has a permanent spot in my collection. I will admit, I got quite emotional here. As a final point, I will add, thank you Black Moth for the memories, the shows, the fun and most of all the music.


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