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Album Review: Jasmine Cain - Seven

I was wondering what my first album review of the year would be. Browsing around the world wide web, or you know social media and I got lucky. I managed to get a review copy of the new album from a singer-songwriter that I am a big fan of. I spoke to Jasmine Cain last year on this blog, click here to read, about her upcoming album Seven which I have been looking forward to for quite a while.  I have always liked Jasmine's hard rock stylings, it feels like the mainstream hard rock that you would hear all over the place but with that southern grit that makes her stand out amongst her contemporaries. Her Nashville accent mixed with the crunchy guitar riffs give her more of a southern rock vibe and you guys know how much I like that kind of sound. Her songwriting has always captivated me and drawn me in and was looking forward to more with this new album. So, now that I have had the chance to listen to the album a few times, what do I think of it? Well... I think it's pretty damn fun. Jasmine is back with all of her rock 'n' roll sass that you would expect from her and if you've never heard of her, I think you might still get a kick out of this. 

From a pure production perspective, this album is great. The music is handled very well, with every instrument crackling with shine and polish. Coming through crystal clear. Every song is handled very differently, from the heavier songs to the softer ballads everything is treated really well. When the sharp stings of guitars are supposed to come in they hit hard. It all feels tightly controlled, yet at the same time has a free feeling rock 'n' roll vibe to it. Of course, Jasmine's vocals are paramount, so the vocal production is dominant over everything else. In every way possible she makes her presence known over the course of the record like she usually does. So yeah, this album sounds awesome. There's a real feeling of classic rock to this album which I think will catch the attention of people looking for that old-school vibe but in a more modern context. 

Lyrically, I think the album is quite solid. There's no one consistent theme throughout but more just the standard rock subjects from Jasmine's point of view. Songs of self-empowerment, relationships and some songs are just pure expressions of emotion, like the track "Burnout". Jasmine's way with words is something to be envied though as she takes these topics and gives some fresh life to them. One particular song that reflects this is "Ghost". Which on the surface is one of those 'believe in yourself' anthems. Yet, a bit deeper the poetic imagery used is very well crafted and there feels like there is a lot of truth in there that makes it relatable. It's those sharp singer-songwriter details that she adds that makes this whole album a great listen.

I got a genuine feeling of excitement when hearing this album. The way Jasmine delivers her music is really powerful, at least to me. She makes songs personal enough, so we know these songs mean something to her. At the same time, the songs feel broad enough that anyone could walk away having felt something.  I have to say it's been worth the wait, as a fan of her music, this was a treat. She ticks every box when it comes to mass-appeal. Great voice, easy to understand lyrics, solid production and memorable tunes. Great album and a solid way to start off the year.


Unknown said…
this album and band are STELLAR!!!!

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