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Album Preview: All That Remains - Madness

All That Remains are a band that have been on my radar for a long time.  I first discovered them back in high school with the album The Fall of Ideals. I really enjoyed it. I was a teenager and going through my life sucks and people suck phase. So metalcore became a preferred genre for me.  I have tried to keep up with their career and over time the band have grown a little softer in style. Moving more towards a hard rock/southern metal style.  With less focus on guttural vocals and more on heavy riffs and catchy melodies. They’re a bit of a polarising band with frontman Phil Labonte, being quite outspoken and opinionated. To be honest I never look at the politics of the genre I just enjoy music and All That Remains have always been one to catch my attention.

In 2015, the band released The Order of Things.  I liked this album quite a lot.  Not everyone did, but it caught my attention and I gave it a fairly decent review on Get Your Rock Out. It was fun, the production was decent, the songs were well written.Overall, I found it to be a pretty decent effort. Now, with the new album Madness on the way I’m actually getting pretty excited. I’ve had a chance to listen to the two new songs they’ve put out: The title track ‘Madness’ and ‘Safe House’.  They’re both decent tunes that showcase what the album will have in store. Madness has a big booming riff with a big sounding chorus whereas Safe House goes more for pure metal approach.

There’s certainly a difference with this album.  The production sounds grittier the whole tone feels more chaotic. Like the band weren’t as restricted in the studio. Like they seemed to be on The Order of Things. Also, I think they may be hampered with the absence of former bassist Jeanne Sagan, who left the band in September 2015. She always shared really nice harmonies with Phil and I think that might be missed on some of the more melodic tunes.  Safe House is a nice call back to their heavier roots and if more of the album is like this then I think older fans may be pleased. I definitely like the direction this is going.  Phil, has already said that the album will contain heavier material and that sounds like a plus.  You might not agree but I’m definitely looking forward to Madness.

The new songs ‘Madness’ and ‘Safe House’ are out now.  The album Madness is coming out in April 2017.