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Album Review: Carpets - Carpets

Carpets are an oddity of a band for me. Never have I listened to a band, that left this intrigued and yet so disappointed at the same time. They have interesting song concepts and themes. A methodical pace that’s calculated and deliberate. Yet, the presentation turns me off in the way that it's executed. The production quality falls quite flat. It doesn't do a good job in highlighting their stronger aspects of the band. I do like the songs and in a live context they might be great. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s not the actual content that's the problem but the presentation, that's lacking.

Let's start with what works. The atmosphere is excellent. The whole album has a bleak ambience about it. The wailing of the singer sparkles with emotion and this is a massive plus. The melodies are well crafted and it all flows on quite well. I love the melancholic tone of the songs. It's well performed and songs structures are simplistic. As a band, they hold a lot of promise, this type of music definitely has it’s market. So I imagine they will find an audience.

Although I like the songs, this album's production is not great. All the instruments feel muted and washed out. It’s disappointing. Even the moments where band is going full force, like on the song Back, it still feels off. I, as a listener, don't feel anything as the mixing and production should be making the album feel huge. So I’m left completely unsatisfied. The bass sounds muffled. The guitar sound is too fuzzed out and the drums, on some songs, just don’t come through. It’s a real shame.

It’s a decent effort and I do want to see them live as I am interested. They're talented songwriters and, conceptually, these are great songs.  This album is very hard for me to listen to. So, I don't know how to rate this one. I guess, because I actually like the songs, I’ll give it a thumbs up, but until I see them live I couldn't give a final verdict.