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Album Review: Liv Sin - Follow Me

I had the opportunity to talk to Liv about the album and the music industry. So in a change from my usual album review format. I will be splicing the questions and answers from the interview into the review.

After her tenure with her former band Sister Sin, Liv Jagrell returns to the metal world with her new project Liv Sin. The debut album Follow Me is a more intense metal project. The album definitely feels more like a focused project. It has tighter more modern style metal project.  The album was co-produced by long time Accept and U.D.O. member Stefan Kaufmann and U.D.O. bassist Fitty Wienhold. They have taken the aspect of this album and moulded it into a really nice creation. The result being a heavy metal album that has some real punch to it and will cater to a whole new market for Jagrell.

In all honesty the album does feel that little bit heavier than a Sister Sin album.  It has a very power-metal sound to it. I love the tunes and the heavy sound is well done. The guitars are well produced and they flow well.  All the riffs are well executed and the always manage to shine.  Songwriting glows and and sound really nice. I definitely hear the Machine Head and Arch Enemy influences. With the heavy and fast guitar based music.  Although I struggle to hear what the black metal elements are. I guess there is some heavy beats that make it heavier the average heavy metal album. Yet, I don’t hear black metal elements. I would say the Machine Head reference was strong enough to how heavy this album goes. At least in my view.

I do feel ‘Follow Me’ has it’s problems. For me the album, lacks variety and it's not an album that I can come back to again and again. It has some great ideas and does nothing with them.  It all comes across as a little formulaic.  As good as the production is there’s nothing that makes me think I want to keep listening again and again. I like her music more in concept than in execution.

I really liked the production on this album.  I think Kaufmann and Wienhold did a really good job with it.  The music is bold and it all just pops. The grittiness of the guitar really comes through and the bass booms in the background. Liv sounds especially great on this album with a powerful commanding voice. Her vocals just soar on top of the tracks, this gives the album that sense of presence.  I loved just big the music sounded here.

It’s a fairly decent record. With big track, catchy hooks and interesting themes. I like songs and I think the album will have it’s fans.  Though I just hear very little that will keep me invested. It was good to talk to the Liv about her music as it did make me hear it in a different way.  If you like your old school metal or modern power metal, then this will be worth the investment. I just have heard way too much music of this ilk and this does little different to stand out in an overcrowded market.

Here are some of the other questions from the interview.

After such a long tenure with Sister Sin, how does it feel to start this new band now?”

“It feels really good yeah, and of course I’m happy that the record is now out. Obviously now I am trying to take all of my experience I had with Sister Sin and do better this time around.  Now I know more of what I’m doing in the industry. I can hopefully make things go alot smoother and better.”

“Do you feel like there’s anything left to achieve now?”

“To just live off of my music.”

“With all the subgenres of heavy metal, and subgenres of subgenres for that matter. Do you feel that heavy metal still means anything?”

“Yes. I think so. It’s still metal music.  All of the “subgenres” are just labels that people put on it and they don’t really mean anything. It’s still the music we love and people who like it, like it.  The people who don’t, won’t listen at the end of the day. For me heavy metal still means something at the end of the day.”

“What’s the one song wish you made?”

“Ooo that’s a hard one. [pauses] “Painkiller” by Judas Priest.”