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Live Review: The Attic Doctors @ Manchester Academy 3

OK, let’s get one thing straight. I’m not a fan of five band line-ups.  It always feels like the bands are rushing through their sets.  In all honesty, four band nights feel like a little much at times for me.  Saying that though, I got a lot of enjoyment out of this night.  All five acts really delivered in my opinion. Just a simple and brilliant night a great rock n roll, five completely different takes of the rock genre and it made for a fun, diverse and interesting.  Add all of this with the launch of The Attic Doctors new EP, Remedy. Yeah, it genuinely was a great night.  So let’s have a look at all of the bands that played.

The Kobahs

I felt a little bad for these guys.  With their frontman dropping out last minute before this gig. Yet, they powered through on this set and they pulled it off really well. With the guitar and bass players trading off on vocals.  I won’t lie, it sounded a little wonky to start, but the songs themselves were great.  Musically speaking they were relatively sound.  With tight riffs and an intense energy.  Feeling like a band right out of the Minneapolis scene from the 1980’s. The bass was cranked up and as the set went on they loosened up and started to present themselves in a better way.  After starting quite timid.  I think have a decent early crowd help a lot. Really decent opener, also covering David Bowie and the Rolling Stones has never hurt a band for me. Worth checking out.

Voodoo Vali

Well I loved this right from the get go.  Seriously I think they played the opening riff and I was immediately grooving and headbanging.  With an intense energy and a monster stage presence you soon knew you were listening to them

.  The insanely tight riffs and bass grooves where enough alone to win me over but the sheer forcefulness of their set really sold them for me. They just owned the stage and their personality drew the crowd in more. Their psychedelic tunes were well crafted and they kept the setlist flowing really nicely.  It’s rare that I’ll rush to buy music right after hearing a band but this set was so good it drove me to buy their stuff almost automatically.  The tones were superbly thick and the bass sounded so good, I was truly enthralled by them.  Really worth giving them a listen.

Matty James

Next up, the only artist I was 100% familiar with prior to coming to this show.  I saw Matty last year in Manchester and I became a fan of him there and then.  This time around he had his full band with him and I had a better knowledge of his songs.  It’s fair to say that he got a really great reaction from the crowd.  He really drew the Manchester audience in and got them singing along. It all sounded really great.  The guitars were well played and the bass just made the music sound absolutely massive.  It also helps that Matty’s voice is so distinctive and booming.  There’s just so much personality in this music. The rocked up version of these countryfied songs sounded great, it almost became a punk rock set. Everywhere I looked I saw people rocking out and having a good time. So I think Matty did his job in getting more of the crowd in and enjoying themselves.

James Stephen

It was time to take things down a notch with singer-songwriter, James Stephen.  I was really impressed with this set. Even though it didn’t really fit the standard mold of this night. The technical skill on the stage was really impressive.  James was a charismatic and compelling entertainer. His skill on the guitar was great and his voice was clear and passionate.  He really delivered all of the emotion in all of his songs.  His backing band was brilliant as well.  The drummer in particularly the drummer who kept everything together and kept it all tight.  The whole experience was really rewarding for me and once again, I ended up buying his EP there on the spot. I absolutely loved this one.

The Attic Doctors

Well, it was time for the main event of the evening and I’m happy to say that they really did not disappoint. They were super slick in their delivery. The key word to why they were so good is, presence.  Their stage presence is excellent. As soon as they took to the stage they were greeted with a sea of applause and cheers and right from the first songs they got the crowd turned into a frenzy. I have to admit I enjoyed myself immensely. The twang of the guitars with thumping of the bass made for a great live sound. By only a few songs into the set, the place was bouncing, the energy was damn near infectious. The new songs from the EP went down a storm and in all honesty the songs sounded amazing. I was a little sceptical of the performance at the start but after 10 minutes I was really getting into it.  They were really great I genuinely had a really great time and they ended up being a brilliant closer to a excellent night music.

All photos taken by Frederick Apps Photography.