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Album Review: The Fall Of Eve - If Even Angels Fall

Well, it’s taken me awhile to get around to this one.  So I’m finally coming around to tackling it. I first came across The Fall of Eve a while back. When they performed at Dames of Darkness Festival 2015. To say I was impressed by them would be an understatement. There was some decent talent and a lot of potential there.  I've liked their releases up to now and I have been excited for more music. If Even Angels Fall, is the latest from them, coming out in the tail end of 2016 and it's pretty damn decent.

First of all the album sounds massive. There's a real sense of atmosphere and a commanding power that makes every song feel huge. From top to bottom they’ve made a truly impressive impression on me with this. The thundering bass coupled with the excellent drum work. It creates a firm foundation for the songs. The synth work gives the EP that aura of emotion and wonder. The guitar work roars the songs to life with the right amount of heaviness to them. Over the top of it all is the angelic vocals, that convey so much passion and energy. On the whole the EP sound just wonderful.

All in all this EP is super tight. The sounds are magnificent and every songs rings in your ear.  The production is stunning making everything about this band sound huge. The sounds are crisp and clean and I absolutely love it.  The song of choice for me from this EP is either When Darkness Falls with it’s bold sound and massive hook. Or the beautiful sounding title track If Even Angels Fall. Which is a truly gorgeous song. Although not ultra-catchy it was definitely ringing in my ears for a while.

This is a really excellent EP from a really talented group of people.  The only problem I had with this is that there wasn’t more of it. I hope we get more of them soon enough. If you're looking for a massive sounding symphonic metal album from an up and comer in the industry.  The I couldn’t recommend this more.